• ICSH Annual Report 2016

    The ICSH had a very busy year in 2016 as outlined in the activity reports of the different working groups included in this report. During 2016, the ICSH continued to roll-out the Strategic Plan 2015-2018.A significant amount of ICSH resources was focused on regulatory issues and communicating the work of the sector and the ICSH governance structures have become established and are working well in terms of consultation, consideration of policy matters and decision-making. With up to 260 members, there were three new housing associations established with a significant number of existing members seeking support on restructuring and organisational change. This form of organisation capacity building to support increased delivery and service delivery will likely be a key role for the sector in the forthcoming years.

  • ICSH Annual Report 2015

    The past year signals change in the social housing landscape in Ireland. After a number of years of significant retrenchment in the social housing programmes, the Social Housing Strategy, launched at the end of 2014 provided a new direction for a signifi cantly expanded social housing programme, and particularly for our own housing association sector. Despite this, we still have a long way to go to make a signifi cant impact on the housing and homelessness crisis, which still needs a long-term commitment by Government.

  • Social Housing - Autumn 2016

    The Autumn edition 2016 of Social Housing focuses on the Government's husing strategy Rebuilding Ireland, details from Budget 2017 impacting on the sector, a new pilot housing project for older people, as well as news from members around the country and housing issues from overseas.

  • Housing Association Activity Report 2015

    Housing associations have been playing their part to provide homes to those most in need through every output category available to them. In addition, the Irish Council for Social Housing (ICSH) and its members have been working on a number of new initiatives for delivery which have the potential to make a real difference with sufficient government support to the sector. This publication is a summary of activity, output and projections for the future from housing associations all with a collective mission to deliver affordable and quality homes to those most in need.