Call for Good Practice Examples - TopHouse

The Irish Council for Social Housing is looking for examples of good practice in housing assessment and allocation from our members as part of our involvement in TOPHOUSE (TH), a project co-financed by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.
TOPHOUSE (TH) is a project that aims to develop specialist tools that can be used to improve the effectiveness, fairness and transparency of assessing and allocating social housing as well as related non-housing supports to people with a disability, older persons and people experiencing homelessness. These will be in line with the UN CRPD and human rights standards reflecting person-centred approaches and allowing for user involvement in the design, implementation and evaluation process (co-production). 
If your organisation operates good practice in the following areas, we would love to hear from you and ask you to complete the attached survey:
Assessment of housing needs of persons with disabilities
Inclusive allocation models of social housing for persons with disabilities
Support and assistance models in community living and community-based rehabilitation, that include the access to affordable and accessible housing
Cooperation models with stakeholders, community developers or local social planners that improve allocation, affordability and accessibility of social housing for persons with disabilities
Projects or programmes initiated by civil society, governments, the business sector, etc.
By submitting your proposal, you will be kept informed of developments in Tophouse, get access to the knowledge and outputs of the project and benefit from activities, workshops and learning opportunities developed by fellow practitioners across Europe. Selected good practice examples will be included in the TOPHOUSE report which will be disseminated across Europe. 
Please complete and return the attached survey to our partners in the Essl Foundation at by 30th March 2018
We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with the ICSH on 01 6618334 or , or our European colleagues, Seema from the Zero Project ( or Carmen from the EASPD (