Election 2020 Housing - ICSH Seeking 4 Key Commitments

The housing crisis continues to deepen with many marginalised and lower income households suffering most acutely. The Irish Council for Social Housing (ICSH) is asking all political parties and candidates to ensure that access to affordable, good quality, secure accommodation for all households is a central focus for Election 2020. Delivering a fair and affordable housing system is a cornerstone for a better society. A commitment to supporting climate change should underpin our housing programmes including targeted retrofitting of older social housing stock. ICSH is seeking the following four commitments: 1.deliver more social housing and improve affordability2. move AHBs ‘off-balance sheet' 3. use state land for public housing 4. introduce a national framework of housing with care



Read our Election 2020 Housing Briefing: Delivering a Fair and Affordable Housing System