About ICSH

The Irish Council for Social Housing (ICSH) was formed in 1982 by housing and hostel organisations in Ireland to act as a national representative, promotional, information and advisory federation.

The ICSH now represents approximately 270 affiliated housing associations and other voluntary organisations involved in housing or hostel services, providing accommodation of over 35,000 homes to:

  • elderly persons
  • homeless and vulnerable persons
  • people with intellectual, physical, sensory and mental health disabilities
  • individuals and families on low incomes.

The ICSH also maintains strong links with other voluntary and statutory bodies who have an interest in social housing.

Housing associations now provide up to 30% of the total new social housing output each year. Since 1982 the membership of the ICSH has grown significantly and today the ICSH functions as the national representative federation for non-profit, voluntary and other social housing organisations.





The work of the ICSH is supported by funding from the DHPCLG through the Scheme to Support National organisations.