ICSH Strategic Plan 2015-2018

"Building For Success: Ensuring a responsive,expanded & accountable housing association sector"

The duration of this ICSH Strategic Plan is for four years and sets out five objectives, some challenges for the ICSH and the proposed outcomes with timelines within each objective until 2018. Of the fi ve strategic objectives, the first three relate to the ICSH role and influence on the sector as a whole, and the remaining two are internal to the ICSH.


ICSH Strategic Objectives

Our work as the ICSH is focused around five themes:

  1. Increased supply of high quality homes and services to tenants
  2. Delivering high levels of accountability, governance and new partnerships
  3. Supporting the development of sustainable housing associations
  4. Promoting strong representation of the housing associaiton sector
  5. Operating an efficient adn responsive housing federation


ICSH Mission

The ICSH mission as the national representative federation is to support and promote the work of housing associations and to develop the distinctive role of the sector in the Irish housing system to deliver high quality housing.


ICSH Vision

The vision of the ICSH is to have an expanded housing association sector in Ireland that meets current and future housing needs of families, single people and vulnerable groups and contributes to the creation of sustainable communities whilst improving housing choice.


ICSH Values

  • We ensure ICSH members are central to everything we undertake as a federation.
  • We adopt an innovative learning and problem solving approach in all our work.
  • We promote a strong culture of transparency, good ethics, sound and reasoned judgement in what we advocate for.
  • We create a healthy environment of working in partnership with other key stakeholders in the public, private and within the community and voluntary sector.