Field Advice Service

A primary role of the ICSH is to provide accurate information and guidance to our members about the responsibilities involved in the proper formation and management of housing associations (approved housing bodies). This can include project management and finance, tenancies, rents, housing management and maintenance. The primary channel through which this guidance is provided is through a Field Advice Service whereby expert housing development staff meet with housing associations through various stages of development. Some typical field advice themes that arise include:

  • Housing association formation and becoming an approved housing body
  • Objectives, membership and organisation
  • Functions and responsibilities of management boards
  • Companies Acts requirements and legal registration
  • Capital Funding Schemes available to housing associations
  • Financial planning for project development and management
  • Ongoing social housing landlord responsibilities
  • Housing management systems
  • The planning system
  • Developing special needs housing projects

This range of advice is supplemented through our other support services such as our guidance publications and training programmes.