Group Insurance Facility



The ICSH is pleased to announced that Allianz plc has been appointed as the Insurer for the Group Insurance Scheme. The cover is tailored to reflect the diverse nature of the activities of our members and offers a bespoke policy coverage to meet the needs of our sector. Allianz plc has a strong track record in the social housing and voluntary sector and is dedicated to providing ICSH members with a long term, committed and expert service. The ICSH is pleased to work in partnership with Allianz to continue to deliver a quality programme of insurance protection for our members.

A group insurance facility for ICSH members was introduced in 2004 as a response to the escalating insurance costs within the sector. It offers greater flexibility in property and liability cover as well as catering for a wide range of additional activities such as community and day centres, the provision of meals, outreach services and crèche and playground facilities.

In addition to providing wide ranging cover options, this arrangement offers a substantial reduction in insurance costs and ongoing review of insurance requirements for all members.

To date, over 200 affiliated members of the ICSH have availed of this service and in doing so have made considerable savings on their insurance costs.

For further information on the ICSH group insurance facility, please contact BHP Insurances at 01 6202030 or The key contact for the ICSH group insurance facility is:

Martina Westphal, Director, Community & Social