ICSH Resources and Support

This is the new dedicated section of the ICSH website that will focus on aiding members to meet their compliance and regulatory requirements as well as containing information on features of governance that are seen as best practice in the sector.

The resources below have been developed in conjunction with members and are designed to assist housing associations to review their current governance arrangements in the context of the Voluntary Regulatory Code – Building for the Future (the VRC) and, provide practical templates, advice and guidance which can be used to ensure full compliance with the requirements of the VRC and the Charter of Commitments.


General Advice on Governance


 Good governance explained


 The Voluntary Regulation Code


 Benefits of the VRC 


Completing the Annual Return


Video Tutorial and General Guidance


Section One: General Information

Section Two: Governance

Section Three: Financial and Business Management

Section Four: Performance Management

Resources & Support


Tenant Satisfaction Survey


Governance Health Check


Preparing an Annual Report


Board Recruitment and Renewal


Strategic Planning




Sinking Funds


Risk Registers


Policy Templates


Board Membership

Code of Conduct


Conflict of Interest


Register of Interests

Complaints policy

Rent arrears





Many approved housing bodies are making significant efforts to enhance and improve their governance and are succeeding in increasing board effectiveness and organisational change where required.

The ICSH does not underestimate the challenges that members, particularly those with no staff, may experience given the range of measures that are being introduced and require implementation. The ICSH is advocating on behalf of members to ensure that any unnecessary duplication is avoided. 

For any queries in relation to governance issues in general or completing your annual return, please contact Kevin Ryan, ICSH Compliance Co-Ordinator on 01 6618334 or kevin@icsh.ie.