ICSH Finance & Development Conference 2018




The ICSH Finance & Development Conference was held on 25-26 October at the Lyrath Hotel in Kilkenny, with over 250 delegates in attendance. Speakers from Ireland and overseas challenged our current policies and offered solutions to develop our thinking on housing affordability, cost, scale, and innovation and delegates probed the discussion and offered insightful commentary at what proved to be a very successful conference. You can follow last week's discussion on Twitter by searching for #ICSH2018.

The full conference brochure and programme can be downloaded here. 


Conference Presentations

Financial Landscape for Delivery


New Joint Ventures in Financing and Delivery


Learnings from New Financial Models


Financing Special Needs and Sustainability


Facilitating New Delivery


Achieving Standardisation Within Financial Processes


Asset Management and Financial Commitments


Cost Efficient Systems and Delivery of Affordable Housing


Financing for Land, Regeneration and Energy Options




Some Conference Photos