ICSH Allianz Community Housing Awards 2019

The ICSH is proud to again partner with Allianz for the 2019 Community Housing Awards, which seek to recognise excellence across ten individual categories reflecting the current housing landscape. At a time of increased pressure for delivery from the sector we want to showcase the numerous approved housing bodies and local authorities rising to the challenge and continually making efforts to meet high housing demand.



Approved Housing Bodies’ ‘Heavy Lifting’ in 2018 Delivers 38% of Social Housing Nationally

The Irish Council for Social Housing (ICSH) welcomes today’s publication by the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government of social housing delivery in 2018. Commenting on the figures for 2018, ICSH CEO Dr. Donal McManus said, “Today’s figures demonstrate that housing associations (AHBs) are continuing to scale-up housing delivery working in partnership with local authorities and the private sector. Newly constructed homes delivered by AHBs has increased from 1078 units in 2017 to 1388. We’re steadily increasing our contribution to the national stock of permanent social housing.

Seminar on RTB Dispute Resolution, 27 November 2018

The ICSH held a successful seminar on 27 November in conjunction with the Residential Tenancies Board focusing on the housing association experience of the disputes resolution process under the RTB to date. The seminar included informative presentations from Rosalind Carroll, RTB Director and Claire Diggin, RTB Head of Dispute Resolution on some of the main learnings from their perspective since housing associations came under the Act.

Budget 2019: Ireland Needs Transformative Affordable Rental Housing

The Irish Council for Social Housing (ICSH) has questioned the merits of today’s affordable housing proposal and has said that the Government’s failure to introduce an affordable rental scheme is evidence of a lack of vision and housing policy that is failing to evolve. The Programme for Government 2016 committed to introducing a new model of affordable rental housing and this has not been delivered.

Housing Agency Development Land - Expression of Interest

The Land Aggregation Scheme (LAGS) was introduced in 2010 as part of revised arrangements for the funding of land for social and affordable housing purposes. Under the Scheme a total of 73 sites were transferred to the Housing Agency. whose Strategic Development and Management Plan identified 36 Sites as being Suitable for Immediate Development, 17 of which are currently under development. Where lands have a development capacity of approximately 100 units, it is envisaged that the development partners will be Approved Housing Bodies (AHBs).

The Housing Agency is seeking Expressions of Interest from AHBs to select appropriately experienced and resourced AHBs to work with the Agency to develop identified sites.


Reflecting on the work of the ICSH during 2017 and in the years to come issues that were raised included the challenges facing housing associations and the ICSH as membership bodyin relation to the CSO/Eurostat reclassification of housing associations as part of the local government sub-sector. Also, the recurring concerns facing our smaller (Tier 1) members around long-serving voluntary board members and the problem of succession and governance were also raised. Minister Eoghan Muprhy addressed members in attendance and spoke of the housing association sector as critical to the delivery of social housing under Rebuilding Ireland.

Housing Associations Deliver 1/3 of All Long-term Social Housing in 2017

Today, the Irish Council for Social Housing (ICSH) will launch the Housing Association Activity Report 2017. The report demonstrates that housing associations have been working flat-out in recent years to rebuild Ireland’s social housing stock.  In 2017, 1 in every 3 new long-term social homes were delivered by housing associations. That’s 2,330 homes through a combination of build, acquisition and leasing.