ELOSH: European Core Learning Outcomes for the Integration of Support and Housing

In January 2013, the ICSH as a national partner submitted a project proposal to the EU Leonardo da Vinci programme together with 12 other partners including EASPD (European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities), CECODHAS, FEANTSA and SITRA and others across Europe.

The proposal was submitted under the Transfer of Innovation budget line of the programme and was approved for funding. The project is called ELOSH (European Core Learning Outcomes for Integration of Support and Housing) and addresses the need for Continuing Vocational Education and Training (CVET) on the integration of support and housing for vulnerable people. These include persons with disabilities, with mental health needs and/or that experienced homelessness. Two key processes are driving service change in this area: personalisation and deinstitutionalisation. The project will transfer innovative learning outcomes and training materials on integrated support and housing developed by SITRA, which promote the co-production of services.

Partners, such as the ICSH, will blend and adapt innovative learning outcomes and tools to create an adaptable European pack. This will be tested in seven countries by housing and support providers, working with VET providers and service users. The project will deliver European Core Learning Outcomes for Integration of Support and Housing and an accompanying training pack, also available as an online resource. The project will evaluate learning and identify next steps for embedding outcomes in relevant European, national regional systems and processes. The outcomes could also be adapted to train a range of related actors such as local, regional and national level policymakers and funders.

Full information on this project will be provided to members in due course.



Friday, 23 August, 2013