Housing Agency Development Land - Expression of Interest

The Land Aggregation Scheme (LAGS) was introduced in 2010 as part of revised arrangements for the funding of land for social and affordable housing purposes. Under the Scheme a total of 73 sites were transferred to the Housing Agency. These sites include a wide range of lands with different characteristics, in terms of size and location. The Housing Agency’s Strategic Development and Management Plan identified 36 Sites as being Suitable for Immediate Development, 17 of which are currently under development. Where lands have a development capacity of approximately 100 units, it is envisaged that the development partners will be Approved Housing Bodies (AHBs).
A further 37 LAGs sites have been categorised as Secondary Sites- which will take more time to develop due to economic or demographic challenges and may not be viable for housing development in the near term (2/37 are being sold to third parties so are not available as part of this process).
In addition, 13 other sites, which were not part of LAGS, but owned by the Housing Agency, are also available for potential development. 1 of these sites has been designated as a Site for Immediate Development and 12 are Secondary Sites. 1/12 of these non-LAG sites (Mooncoin, Co Kilkenny) has been sold to a local school leaving 11 available as Secondary Sites.
Following consultation with the relevant local authorities, 9 sites in total have been classified as suitable for the development of social housing with an AHB development partner (8 LAGS sites and 1 non-LAGS site). The Housing Agency is seeking Expressions of Interest from AHBs to select appropriately experienced and resourced AHBs to work with the Agency to develop these sites.
The Housing Agency is also interested in seeking preliminary proposals regarding the 46 Secondary Sites.
Thursday, 20 September, 2018