ICSH Allianz Community Housing Awards 2019

The ICSH is proud to again partner with Allianz for the 2019 Community Housing Awards, the tenth presentation of these awards recognsing excellence in social housing design, development and delivery.  

The ICSH is seeking as many entries as possible for this year’s Awards. At a time of increased pressure for delivery from the sector we want to showcase the numerous approved housing bodies and local authorities rising to the challenge and continually making efforts to meet high housing demand. The 2019 Awards will showcase this work and encourage all in their work to deliver these workable housing solutions.
The 2019 Awards seek to recognise excellence across ten individual categories reflecting the current housing landscape. Category entries are sought across urban and rural areas seeking to display a true reflection of the diverse range of housing developments delivered across the local authority and approved housing body sector. Winners will be announced at the ICSH Biennial National Social Housing Conference gala dinner, in White's Hotel, Wexford on October 10th. The 2017 Community Housing Award winners are detailed here


Full entry and eligibility details are availble in our brochure here.

Who should Enter?
Approved Housing Bodies
The awards are open to all housing associations and housing co-operatives across the country presenting an opportunity to recognise work and achievements from both large and small organisations embracing a diverse range people, skills and activities.
Local Authorities
The Awards are open to all local authorities offering an opportunity to highlight housing delivery achievements in addition to innovative housing initiatives.

  • The Awards are open to all housing associations, housing co-operatives and local authorities;
  • Entries should relate to projects built, leased or acquired between January 2017 and May 2019;
  • There is an exception to the above project delivery timeframe where a project is entered under the ‘Housing Management Initiative’, ‘Community Integration’ or ‘Achievement in Community Housing Award’ categories where no prescribed timeframe for delivery applies;
  • Accommodation schemes entered should be fully completed and/or refurbished at the time of making award entry submission;
  • Accommodation schemes entered should have tenants in residence at least one month prior to award entry submission;
  • Up to a maximum of three projects per organisation can be submitted for entry in three separate categories;
  • An individual project can only be entered once;
  • Submissions should outline how their entry meets the Award criteria (as outlined below) by providing supporting statements under each. Supporting statements should be in no more than 300 words. Additional statement from a tenant as applicable is considered useful.


  1. Housing for Older People
    Accommodation providing independent living for older people with on site, or visiting support services in place.
  1. Homeless Projects
    This category includes long term housing and housing led responses for formerly homeless people. It also includes emergency accommodation such as hostels or refuges and housing projects that would prevent homelessness.
  1. Housing for People with Disabilities
    This includes accommodation delivered for people with intellectual, physical, or sensory disabilities as well as supported housing projects for people mental health difficulties providing them with independent living.
  1. Housing for Families
    Accommodation for low income families, of any size which have been easily integrated for families and children into the local community.
  1. Regeneration
    High quality regeneration  and/or refurbishment of existing housing projects which have had a significant positive and measureable  impact for tenants and  the local community.
  1. Most Creative Supply Response
    Projects which demonstrate most innovative/specialist supply solutions that have made a real difference to peoples’ lives by doing something over and above traditional delivery channels e.g. utilising an innovative source of financing , creating partnership working to realise a supply solution or leading various stakeholders to achieve different tenures.
  1. Collaboration Initiatives
    Projects which illustrate collective benefits, achieving efficiencies and shared learning, demonstrating the added value of partnership/multi agency working in delivering new projects.
  1. Community Integration through Housing delivery
    Projects which demonstrate effective inclusion and integration of the wider community through the particular housing project which may include key supports.
  1. Housing Management models to improve performance
    Projects/organisations demonstrating innovative/good practices in the areas of housing management and maintenance, customer service, promotion of tenant participation (e.g. establishment of resident’s association), smart use of technology (smart homes) resulting in positive outcomes for tenants and communities.
  1. Achievement in Community Housing
    Special recognition for achievement and commitment in housing by voluntary board member(s), individuals, or local authority elected members demonstrating high level of leadership as part of  housing delivery and management  over a sustained period.



Awarding Criteria
A panel of judges from Ireland and overseas will consider the entry submissions which should provide an assessment of your project against each of the following criteria:
1) Context

  • How the design solution responds to the surrounding built environment;
  • How the project is aesthetically pleasing; and
  • How the design creates a sense of community.
  • How the mix of dwelling types, sizes and tenure enhances the value of the surrounding community; and
  • How any communal facilities serve local community needs.

2) Usability

  • How the type of accommodation meets the needs of the tenants being accommodated;
  • How the design allows ease of access within the building for all tenants and for people with impaired mobility;
  • If there is ease of access to services, public transport and local amenities;
  • How easily the dwelling(s) can be adapted to meet the changing needs of the tenants during their lifetime; and
  • How health and safety, privacy and security have been taken account of.

3) Management

  • How the design of the dwelling(s) helps efficient housing management;
  • Tenant satisfaction and involvement;
  • The management policies in place;
  • How tenants participate in the running of the project; and
  • How low cost maintenance elements have been incorporated in the project.

4) Sustainability

  • How the environment impacts on the tenant’s quality of life:
  • How optimum use has been made of renewable sources of energy;
  • How the project reduces fuel poverty concerns for tenants and affordability of daily living costs;
  • How natural resources have been used in the construction, management and maintenance;
  • The measures of self sufficiency that are in place; and
  • How the project includes sustainable waste management and other energy saving measures
  • Projects which demonstrate replicability or ability to scale-up are also of interest to the Panel.

Entry Process

Application forms  (to include the proposed development, category, location and so on) must be submitted through the ICSH online application form (attached) by 17th May 2019. The full timeframe and associated steps in relation to entry process are set out in the brochure.

Competition guidelines

  1. The decision of the panel of judges is final;
  2. The ICSH reserves the right to disqualify incomplete or ineligible applications;
  3. Submissions should be made no later than 17th May 2019;
  4. Entrants will receive confirmation of their entry;
  5. The ICSH reserve the right to alter the categories based on project profiles;
  6. Entrants agree to any filming of project entries for promotional purposes of the Community Housing Awards and any other ICSH events;
  7. The winners are asked to agree to co-operate with any filming of the schemes for promotional purposes at ICSH events any publicity that may arise from the ICSH Awards.


Send completed application forms and any queries to Catherine McGillycuddy, Membership Development Officer at catherine@icsh.ie

Thursday, 14 March, 2019