Tipperary County Council - Repair and lease Scheme

A key action of the Government’s Rebuilding Ireland: An Action Plan for Housing and Homelessness is the Repair and Leasing Scheme. The scheme targets the delivery of social housing units and also ensures that existing housing stock is used to the maximum degree possible. The scheme provides for funding for repair and improvement works to suitable privately owned vacant properties to bring them up to the standard for rented accommodation. The properties are then leased to Tipperary County Council or an Approved Housing Body for a minimum of ten years and the cost of the works is deducted from lease payments over the agreed lease term.
The maximum cost of repairs to an individual property allowable under the scheme will be €40,000.
Benefits to property owners include:
  • Guaranteed rent on a property that has not been generating
  • an income
  • Upgrade of property that might otherwise become derelict
  • No loss of rent during vacant periods
  • No responsibility for maintenance
  • Monthly rental payments Requirements in relation to the scheme include
  • The property has to be vacant for at least 1 year
  • Property owners must be tax compliant
  • The property has to be assessed as being viable to provide accommodation
  • The minimum lease term is 10 years
  • Lease payments are based on current market rental rates less 20% to cover vacant periods
Details of the Repair and Leasing Scheme, Frequently Asked Questions Document and Expression of Interest Forms are available on the Council’s Website at www.tipperarycoco.ie or by contacting the Housing Section, Tipperary County Council at 0761 065000.
Clare Curley,
Director of Housing
Thursday, 18 May, 2017