Social Housing Sector Calls for State Land to Deliver 15,000 Homes


Thursday, 20th October 2016

The social housing sector needs immediate access to land and finance in order to meet the targets set out in the Government’s Action Plan for Housing and Homelessness.  That’s according to the Irish Council for Social Housing (ICSH), the national federation for non-profit housing associations, which is holding its housing finance conference in Kilkenny this week.

Framework Agreement for Integrated Design Team Services to support the ‘Social Housing Strategy 2015 - 2020: Support, Supply and Reform’

What services are covered by this framework?

This is a Framework Agreement for the purchase of full (architect-led), integrated design team services to support housing projects delivered under the ‘Social Housing Strategy 2020 – Support, Supply and Reform’, which was launched by the Government in November 2014.