Clúid Housing - Macroom, Co. Cork

This video is the story of Clúid Housing’s latest scheme in Co. Cork. In partnership with Cork County Council, Clúid purchased an apartment complex in Macroom and as a result 29 families moved into their new home in early 2016. The Granary, Sleaveen Road in Macroom is located close to the town centre and comprises of two and three bed units.


The demand for housing is a major challenge across Cork. There are 4,800 people on the local authority housing waiting list in Cork County.


Partnership was at the heart of the success of this scheme. Clúid believes that combining forces is the only way to create more housing and move families off the waiting list.


Clúid’s New Business and Development Manager, James O’Halloran said: “Without Cork County Council these 29 units would not have been possible. Cork County Council was fully supportive of the proposed acquisition and their support and knowledge of the scheme was invaluable.”


The scheme is funded using a small government loan to leverage a larger loan. The Housing Finance Agency (HFA), which is an independent organisation originally set up to provide loans to local authorities, provides long term loans at very advantageous rates and the HFA’s active support is absolutely critical to our development programme. Clúid will repay those loans using the rent paid by tenants (which is always affordable) and an availability payment from the Department of the Environment.


Clúid’s award winning housing managers will now manage the scheme. Mr. O’ Halloran said: “Excellence in housing services is something that underpins all of our work and we believe it is critical to the long term sustainability of both the communities and the property assets that we manage. All our housing management staff are registered with the Property Services Regulatory Authority.


“A high standard of housing management puts in place the tools to enable residents to turn the bricks and mortar into a home. We employ highly qualified, skilled and professional staff to deliver an exceptional standard of housing. By establishing a reputation for high quality housing management, we are able to counteract some of the challenges that commonly arise when social housing developments are planned. Through high property management standards we make social housing indistinguishable from ordinary housing.”


Clúid Housing is the largest housing association in Ireland, delivering 5,500 high quality, affordable homes to people in housing need all over Ireland. Housing associations are independent, not-for-profit charities.


Clúid hopes to deliver a further 1,500 new homes in the next three years and are keen to partner with local authorities, developers, state agencies and financial institutions to make this happen.


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