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Respond! College - Celebrations & graduations as class of 2016 graduate from Respond! College

Integrated housing can only be delivered through integrated planning and we hope that ‘Rebuilding Ireland’ will contribute to this. Housing, along with services are a core component in the development of truly sustainable communities.”

James McCarthy resident of John’s College said:

“In John’s College I know I am never alone. I have recently joined the choir set up by the residents. We all have skills we can teach to others. It’s never too late to learn”

Circle Voluntary Housing Association Launches New Website and Publishes Tenant Satisfaction Surveys.

Circle Voluntary Housing Association has launched a new website which provides greater information on their housing schemes, housing management and facilities management services. Their website address is

Separate to that, they have published a summary of their tenant satisfaction surveys that they have conducted over the past 5 years. The publication is on their website and is available for download here.

Túath Summer 2016 News

New Social Homes in Leinster and Connacht

By mid-year, the association had acquired 240 new properties for social housing. The association expects to surpass the 500 mark by year end.

James Street, Dublin 8: The Association purchased apartments from a receiver in James Street, Dublin 8 via Capital Assistance Scheme (CAS) funding from the Department of Environment. There is a mix of 2 and 3-bedroom apartments, currently used for emergency accommodation for homeless persons.