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Peter McVerry Trust to Take on Operations of Stepping Stone Charity

The Dublin charity, Stepping Stone Accommodation, which provides housing to people at risk of homelessness, has announced that its operations are to be taken on by the national housing and homeless charity, Peter McVerry Trust. Stepping Stone was originally established as House-A-Marriage (HAM) and had its first property in Phibsboro. Since then it has grown its social housing stock to 29 units. The 29 units will continue to be used to offer social housing and all tenants will receive the support of Peter McVerry Trust’s Housing with Support service.


Peter McVerry Trust Open 13 New Units for Homeless Households

The Peter McVerry Trust has just launched 13 new social housing units on Castle Street in Dublin City Centre. The units, which will provide housing for people who have been impacted by homelessness, have been delivered in partnership with the Housing Agency (as part of their €70 million rolling fund), Dublin City Council and the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government. Everyone who is allocated one of these new units will receive ongoing, professional support from the Trust’s Housing with Supports team. That team will ensure that the new home is the first step for people and families in their journey back to education, training or employment or simply a happier life.