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Festive celebrations at the opening of Sundial House

Festive celebrations were had at the opening of Sundial House on James St., Dublin 8 on 16th December 2008. The Lord Mayor of Dublin and the Minister for Housing, Urban Renewal and Developing Areas officially opened the €8.5m flagship scheme for long-term homeless people.

The project has been delivered in partnership with Dublin City Council and Depaul Trust. Capital Funding was provided for the scheme by DEHLG, Dublin City Council, and our Association.

Clanmil Ireland Launch Customer Charter


To celebrate the launch of Clanmil Ireland’s new Customer Charter, tenants and their families, enjoyed a day of fun and activities at Claddagh Park, Tom Bellew Avenue, Dundalk on Wednesday 27th August 2008.

The Customer Charter clearly sets out the minimum standards that tenants can expect from Clanmil Ireland in their dealings with the association. It covers all areas of tenancies including allocations, rents, community involvement, maintenance and communication.

Tenants move into new Shelbourne Wharf homes

Sixteen lucky families moved into their new homes in Dublin Dockland’s south side on the 14th August 2008.

The Association will be managing the units on behalf of the Dublin Docklands Development Authority and the newly established Docklands Housing Trust. The apartments form part of a mixed-use development comprising residential, commercial and apartment-hotel units. The apartments are highly energy efficient and residents will doubly benefit through a communal heating facility supplying the whole complex.