ICSH Representation

Our representations to the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government (DHPLG) has led to the establishment of a Voluntary and Co-operative Housing Unit in that department which is dedicated to supporting and developing the voluntary housing sector as an important player in social housing in Ireland.

The ICSH represents its members through its active participation on key housing initiatives:


  • Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government (DECLG) National Housing Forum
  • Dublin Regional Homeless Executive Management Board
  • DHPLG Voluntary and Co-Operative Housing Unit Working Group
  • Advisory Group on Unfinished Housing Developments
  • DHPLG Cross Departmental Team on Sheltered Housing for Older People
  • Community & Voluntary Pillar of the social partners
  • National Advisory Group on Housing for People with Disabilities
  • National Homeless Consultative Committee
  • Fingal County Council Housing Strategic Policy Committee
  • Homeless Network Sub-Group on Homeless Sex Offenders
  • Community & Voluntary Pillar Communications Group
  • Community & Voluntary Pillar Indicators Group
  • Housing Europe - European Social Housing Liaison Committee
  • Feantsa - European Federation of National Organisations working with the homeless
  • Energy Poverty Coalition

At present, non-profit voluntary and co-operative housing associations all over Ireland deliver a flexible, high quality service, often with related housing services and the ICSH will continue to support this important sector of housing on behalf its members.