Ken Reid - Information and Communications Co-Ordinator

Ken is responsible for the information and communications function of the ICSH. This includes publishing and distributing digital and print materials for ICSH members and other stakeholders, drafting press briefings and position papers, liaising with members to maximise the flow of information and profile the work of members and the sector collectively and promoting the views of the ICSH to external stakeholders.
Ken has extensive experience in the area of information management and information referral and advocacy services and is experienced in managing the lifecycle of technical, research and promotional publications as well as formal training in collating, cataloguing and disseminating information. Ken has longstanding experience in the provision of sensitive advice and information, and building relationships in a multi-sectoral environment.
Ken has previously worked for the Children's Rights and the Irish Council for Civil Liberities He has a primary degree in English and Latin, as well as postgraduate qualifications in IT and Technical Communication,  and Child Protection and Welfare.
Tel: 01 6618334