Housing Policy Adviser for Clúid Housing

Housing Policy Adviser with Clúid Housing 


Clúid is now the largest housing association, with the most ambitious programme for increasing affordable housing across Ireland.
We provide quality housing and services to enable people to create homes and thriving communities.
Clúid Housing is now recruiting for a Housing Policy Adviser to lead on Clúid’s policy development and policy awareness.  


Detailed Job Description


Role:                                                      Housing Policy Adviser

Location                                                 Sheriff Street Dublin 1                                  

Job Title                                                 Housing Policy Adviser 

Reporting to                                           Chief Executive

Contract                                                 Permanent

Salary                                                    €57,052 – €71,722

Probation                                               6 month

Hours                                                    35 hours

Leave                                                    22 days (+ 3 designated days Christmas week)


Clúid Housing is an equal opportunities employer and proud to be have been recognised as a top employer in Ireland.
At Clúid Housing we firmly believe that our success is down to our dedicated and growing staff body working in every corner of Ireland.
Our company is made up of talented people who bring enthusiasm, confidence, expertise, professionalism and respect to our business.
You can meet some of our team by clicking here.
Our staff consistently work towards achieving our vision of creating a society where everyone has a great place to live. 

Our employees benefit from a great working environment, great learning opportunities, a supportive management team and an extensive benefits package:

Competitive Remuneration

Excellent & Continuous Training

Development Opportunities

Flexible Working Arrangements

Access to an Employee Assistance Programme

Excellent Employee Benefits

If the above appeals to you, then keep reading.....and remember Clúid Housing is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.


Role: Housing Policy Adviser 


Role Overview: The Housing Policy Adviser will lead on Clúid’s policy development and policy awareness. The Policy Adviser will work with the Board and Executive to develop, formulate & communicate Clúid’s policy. The Policy Adviser will carry out and commission research and analysis to inform business strategy.

Reporting to: Chief Executive


Key responsibilities

Develop policy

  • Developing cogent policy positions on areas of interest to Clúid Housing
  • Consulting collaboratively with the Board and Executive Team in developing policy
  • Working collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders to develop agreed policy positions
  • Leading/coordinating working groups to delivery agreed policy statements

Interpreting new policy and legislation

  • Interpreting and making accessible new legislation and policy as required
  • Highlighting the relevance of new policy for Clúid Housing 

Understanding of policy

  • Providing board and staff with clear and succinct briefings on new policy/regulation 
  • Giving staff an understanding of how new policy and regulation impacts upon operations
  • Developing an understanding and awareness of policy throughout Clúid Housing, at all levels including board 

Responses and consultation

  • Collaborating with internal and external stakeholders on responses to consultations and new initiatives 
  • Coordinating and drafting responses to consultation and new initiatives
  • Drafting and submitting contributions to emerging legislation


  • Undertaking, managing and delivering research on issues relevant to Clúid Housing
  • Coordinating the delivery of the annual Adrian Norridge Research Bursary
  • Establishing and convening advisory and working groups on policy and research 
  • Commissioning research on identified areas of interest to Clúid Housing
  • Maximising the impact of commissioned research in meeting organisational goals
  • Enhancing/promoting awareness of research skills, methods and practice amongst senior managers and relevant staff across Clúid Housing

Market awareness

  • Ensuring that Clúid Housing is aware of policy shifts within our immediate operating environment
  • Cultivating an understanding within Clúid Housing of the wider property environment particularly as it impacts upon the operation of Clúid Housing
  • Alerting the business to potential new areas of opportunity & threat to Clúid Housing 
  • Preparing briefings and testing scenarios to assist the organisation to plan for the long-term

Networking & collaborating

  • Building a strong network throughout the property environment to promote Clúid’s policies
  • Collaborating with a wide variety of stakeholders to promote and develop the policy positions of Clúid Housing
  • Promoting debate about a range of relevant housing policy issues by commissioning and speaking at conferences and events



  • Assisting, with communications, in the production of promotional material which supports Clúid’s policy agenda
  • Ensuring, with communications, the consistent representation of Clúid policy throughout the organisation  
  • Assisting and contributing, alongside communications, to the development and promotion of desired policy outcomes for Clúid Housing 

Corporate Responsibilities

  • Ensure all activity is aligned to Clúid’s values and contributes to the mission of supporting the development of thriving communities
  • Adhere to all Clúid policies and procedures at all times
  • To exercise discretion at all times
  • To fulfil all care and high standards regarding both Clúid’s and your own health and safety obligations


  • Adopt an approach of continuous learning and personal development
  • To positively promote the Association in all activities
  • Any other duties which are consistent with your role


Key competencies required in the role

  • Communicating 
  • Influencing
  • Collaborating
  • Researching 

Personal Characteristics

  • Rigorous thinker
  • Completer finisher
  • Creative
  • Embodying a ‘passion for’ and ‘belief in’ non-profit housing and efficacy of robust policy deliver desirable social objectives 

Person Specification

Key Skills            

Candidates will be shortlisted on the basis of illustrating in their application that they fulfil the following criteria.

Examples that demonstrate the ability to fulfil the criteria should be included as well as the above competencies.

Education / Qualifications          

Relevant Masters Degree                            

Knowledge / Skills         

  • Strong analytic skills                       
  • Proven ability to interpret and make accessible complex ideas and data
  • Evidenced ability to write clear and concise reports and  policy documents for a variety of audiences        
  • Familiarity with major Irish housing policy research reports and key policy initiatives        
  • Knowledge and understanding of non-profit housing models in Ireland and across Europe
  • Knowledge of governmental policy making processes in relation at least three of the following: (social housing, social policy, homelessness, economic policy, planning, real estate, property development)                          
  • Ability to seek creative solutions               
  • Awareness of principles of good governance in non-profit and commercial sectors            


  • Experience of undertaking quantitative and qualitative research to a high standard           
  • Experience of giving cogent and engaging oral presentations                       
  • Proven ability to network & collaborate with diverse stakeholders and build effective partnerships and alliances              
  • Experience of developing coherent and realistic policy positions
  • Experience of interpreting new legislation / policy / regulation   
  • Experience of commissioning and managing research     

Further information including job description, personal specification and application form are available at https://www.cluid.ie/careers/ or contact HR on 017072088 or via careers@cluid.ie.       

The closing date for applications to be returned for this role is Tuesday 25th June 2019 at noon.

It is anticipated that Interviews for the position will be held on Thursday 4th July 2019.