Invitation to Tender: Housing Association for Integrated Living (HAIL) Support Services Evaluation

Introduction to HAIL

The Housing Association for Integrated Living (HAIL) was founded in 1985 as a result of an initiative by members of the Housing Committee of St. Brendan’s Mental Health Association and as a direct response to the needs of homeless adults with mental ill health who found themselves  caught in a revolving door comprising of hospital admissions, discharge into homeless situations and subsequent re-admissions due to relapse of symptoms and the consequences of housing in-stability.

Over the past 34 years, HAIL has developed from a small voluntary organisation to a highly skilled and specialist housing association providing exceptional quality housing and support services to our tenants and to clients living in other forms of accommodation including private rented, local authority and other housing association tenures. The provision of support services is a vital part of HAIL. For many people, a place to call ‘home’ becomes the centre point to their own recovery journey.

Services to be evaluated:

  1.  In house tenant support service
  2.  Regional Visiting Floating Support Service



Timeframe for return of applications

Application Deadline: Friday 14th of December 2018
Please note, late submissions will not be considered

Application Process:
All documentation to be submitted via email only to Please include the following in the subject bar “Services Evaluation HAIL Tender Application”

Selection Proces

Selection will be based on the following criteria:
Methodology 20%
Experience & Expertise 40%
Pricing 40%

Ownership of Documents & Copyright

All outputs produced by the consultants in connection with this appointment and submitted to HAIL will be considered the property of HAIL and may be used by HAIL at any time without the prior approval of the consultant.