ICSH Publications

Innovative Housing Management Solutions in the Community-based Non-Profi t Housing Sector

This series of case studies is designed to illustrate the type of options that are available to lolca housing associations associations that are looking at methodologies for securing a sustainable long-term housing management approach in order to both increase the attractiveness of becoming a voluntary director and also to make it more appealing for existing directors to stay on the Board.

ICSH Annual Report 2017

This 2017 Annual Report clearly demonstrates the,amount of important work undertaken by the ICSH and its member organisations throughout the year. Thankfully, 2017 was a year of substantial progress with a record level of housing output achieved. The challenge for the sector now is to sustain our rapid growth and to deliver a greater volume of new homes in a sustainable manner.

ICSH Submission Framework Statutory Homeless Action Plan for the Dublin region 2017-2020

The recommendations in this submission are underpinned by the view of ICSH members that the key focus should be to increase the supply of homes. The ICSH have long advocated for a Housing Led and Housing First approach to the challenge of homelessness and welcomes government policy that this would be a core principle of any strategy or action plan.

Social Housing Newsletter - Winter 2017

The Winter 2017 edition of Social Housing covers sector activity and innovation; General Data Protection Regulation, the New AHB Services Unit in the Housing Agency; The Housing (Standards for Rented Houses) Regulations 2017; Budget 2018; The Peter McVerry Trust Pathways Housing First Partnership; the draft National Planning Framework report; the ICSH Biennial National Social Housing Conference; the Community Housing Awards 2017; Short Term Lettings Regulation (Airbnb lettings); the Rebuilding Ireland Review; HAPM (Housing Association Performance Management) 2016; Tier One Collaboration Case Studies.

ICSH Annual Report 2016

The ICSH had a very busy year in 2016 as outlined in the activity reports of the different working groups included in this report. During 2016, the ICSH continued to roll-out the Strategic Plan 2015-2018.A significant amount of ICSH resources was focused on regulatory issues and communicating the work of the sector and the ICSH governance structures have become established and are working well in terms of consultation, consideration of policy matters and decision-making. With up to 260 members, there were three new housing associations established with a significant number of existing members seeking support on restructuring and organisational change. This form of organisation capacity building to support increased delivery and service delivery will likely be a key role for the sector in the forthcoming years.

ICSH Annual Report 2015

The past year signals change in the social housing landscape in Ireland. After a number of years of significant retrenchment in the social housing programmes, the Social Housing Strategy, launched at the end of 2014 provided a new direction for a signifi cantly expanded social housing programme, and particularly for our own housing association sector. Despite this, we still have a long way to go to make a signifi cant impact on the housing and homelessness crisis, which still needs a long-term commitment by Government.